Hey, my name is Roli.
I love to write code and build products
from start to finish.

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Personal projects

Wear Your Shirt

Java Android Android Wear 3k

Take a photo of the shirt you wear and it will update your Android watch with colors that match your outfit.

Faactors – Your Favorite Actors

Java Android 12k

Allows you to store favorite actors and directors, then getting notified once they plan or release new movies.



Comprehensive PHP MVC framework allowing to create CRUD websites fast. ORM, i18n (gettext), role-based access control, and a lot more


C++ Ruby Java Lua Android 10k

Multiplayer card game server and clients. Uses Lua to write games. Supports multiple tables where players can join once connected. They can select and play from a large selection of different games. I implemented an Android client as well as a ncurses client written in Ruby.


C++ wxWidgets 15k

A cross-platform desktop application that allows to create custom HUDs for Quake3 CPMA. The GUI allowed you to drag & drop items and preview the HUD realtime. It helped thousands of users to comfortable modify their HUD.


C++ OpenGL 9k

Cross-platform OpenGL 3D graphics engine. It features a scene manager, models, meshes, textures, materials, fonts. It implements various data structures and algorithms that deal with vertices, matrices, quaternions, and a Quake-style game console with reduced scripting support.


Ruby 400

Command-line tool to fetch your public transportation order history and determine whether a Half-Fare travel card is profitable.


Go 2k

A Go library and CLI about pronounceable words.


My GNU/Linux configuration with hostname-based setups. Tagging of hosts based on type, distribution, and domain.

Strength calculator

JavaScript ReactJS 500

Webapp to compute your strength by help of the Wilks Coefficient and compares your score to various lists of competitions and categorizations.



A bash script to migrate gitolite repositories to gitlab